Those burning questions you have…? We’ve normally heard them before – so we’ve tried to answer all we can here. We’re constantly updating this so come back from time to time.

Why Organic?

Why is Pukka Organic?
What stance does Pukka take on the GMO (genetically modified organism) debate and the current Non-GMO project in the US?


Do Pukka Herbs do anything to offset their carbon production?
What is 1% for the planet?

Fair for Life, Fairtrade & FairWild

What is Fairtrade?
What is Fair for Life?
What is FairWild?

Animal Testing

Where do Pukka stand on animal testing?

Tea: Safety, Dosage & Contraindications

How many Pukka teas are safe to drink on a daily basis?
Is it safe for children to drink Pukka herbal teas?
Are Pukka teas vegetarian or vegan?
Are Pukka teas gluten free?
Are all Pukka teas caffeine free?

Tea: Packing & Manufacturing Queries

Are your teabag sachets recyclable?
Why are Pukka teabags wrapped in individual sachets?
What are your teabags made from?
Are your tea bags sealed using any forms of glue or heat?
Is there any epichlorohydrin in your tea bags?
Why do you not fill your tea boxes to the maximum capacity?
Why do you use packaging for your teas?
Do Pukka Herbs measure the levels of fluoride in their green tea?

Tea: Ingredient Queries

What is the ‘flavouring’ in Pukka tea made from and which teas is it in?
Some Pukka teas taste sweet, how are they sweetened?
Why do Pukka add Licorice to the tea blends?
Can I drink Pukka teas that contain licorice in if I have high blood pressure?
Is the amount of Licorice in Pukka teas safe to drink during pregnancy?
Why we love Cinnamon and is cinnamon safe?
What is ‘Whole Leaf’ Tea?
Serene Jasmine Green tea - is it jasmine flowers from a jasmine plant plus green tea OR a green jasmine plant?
What quality grade of Matcha powder do you use?
Why is there 2% matcha powder in the Pukka matcha green tea range?
What is the difference between matcha green tea and matcha green tea powder?
Why do Pukka not produce a pure matcha tea?
Will the Pukka Turmeric Gold tea stain my teeth?
Pukka Wholistic Turmeric is so powerful, why should I try the Turmeric Gold tea as well?
Does black pepper improve the absorption of curcumin?
Are the beneficial effects of honey reduced when it is immersed in hot water?