Create a beautiful world

19th June 2014

So much of the natural beauty around us goes unseen as we fly through our day on automatic pilot. Pukka’s Create a Beautiful World competition was launched with  WWF (formerly World Wildlife Fund) on our 10th birthday, and was a celebration of the simple riches in our daily lives: a cobweb caught in sunlight, the infectious giggles of a child, the sound of a blackbird – they’re all beautiful when you take a moment to notice they’re there.


The Pukka Beautiful World Gallery

And that’s precisely what we asked you to do: take a moment to think about the incredible abundance surrounding you and then share these moments with us by uploading videos and pictures of them to our website, pinterest, Facebook and Twitter pages.

We were literally overwhelmed by the response: 320 Pukka and WWF fans took part by uploading  300 pictures and 20 videos of their own ‘beautiful world’.  You then shared and voted on your top ten favourites which became part of our final Beautiful World Gallery exhibition.

Our Pukka Beautiful World Gallery was seen by hundreds of people at the 2012 Big Green Week – a fitting tribute to the energy and positivity shown by Pukka fans who joined the campaign, and an inspiration (we hope) to everyone who saw it.

The overall winner received a holiday to a beautiful tree house in Norfolk.


Over £66,000 raised for WWF

The Create a Beautiful World competition was a natural opportunity for us to join with a like-minded organisation –WWF – and support its vital conservation work around the world. WWF shares our view that the world we live in is both beautiful and fragile; they too believe if we don’t look after this blue planet, we will all suffer.

So we set out to raise at least £50,000 to help WWF keep the planet healthy by doing what we do best: creating delicious herbal tea. The result was our specially-blended WWF FairWild Peppermint and Licorice tea.

For every box of Pukka’s FairWild Peppermint and Licorice tea sold, we donated 20p to WWF’s projects to keep the planet beautiful. By July 2013 we’d beaten our original target; and blessed by continued support and generosity, the final total of funds raised for WWF conservation projects was over £66,000!

For all who joined in with Pukka’s Create a Beautiful World competition – either by sharing pictures or enjoying our FairWild Peppermint and Licorice tea – may we say a massive ‘thank you’ for adding so much positivity, colour and energy to our first ever consumer competition.